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The U.S. Army has a need for talented women ready to fill positions throughout the many sectors. With some career opportunities, it's not hard to see why more women are entering into the Army than ever before!

Want to know the top Army jobs for women today? The US Army allows women to join and they open about 91% of the total jobs up to enlisted women. There are several great Army jobs available for women.

Are Jobs in the Army Different for Men and Women?

Not really. Women and men in the Army work equally, in most cases. Women are given just as much of an opportunity to gain the skills they need to perform a certain job.

How Different is a Woman in the Army Compared to a Civilian Woman?

While the attitude and training will make an Army woman different from a civilian woman, they live in similar ways. Women in the Army have the ability to get married, have children, go on vacation and do all of the normal things they would do. However, their jobs are different because they are in the Army.

Which Jobs are Women Not Allowed to Perform in the U.S. Army?

While 91% of Army careers are open to women, there are a few they cannot perform. Women cannot serve in the infantry or as a member of the special operations commandos. Many other Army jobs are available to women, however.

Top Army Careers for Women

Women serving in the Army have the ability to perform some jobs including gunners, medics, truck drivers, military police, helicopter pilots and more. Here’s a look at the top Army careers for women.

Human Resources Specialists

It may not sound like a U.S. Army jobs, but the military needs human resource workers just as many companies do. Sitting behind a desk at headquarters is a great way to earn your GI Bill and it’s a highly rated job by many working in the field.

Health Care Careers

As a health care worker in the Army, you’ll help provide a necessary service. It’s a bit of a specialization and duties may include examining, treating and diagnosing patients. You may fill many positions including:

• Dentist
• Medical Officer
• Nursing Officer
• Mental Health Nurse
• General Surgeon
• Family Practice Physician
• Orthopedic Surgeon
• Dermatologist
• And much more!

This is one of the most popular areas for women to enter into because they tend to make great caregivers.

Aviation Careers

While only about 5% of the Army workers are found within this field, women fit in well. There are several options within an aviation career in the Army. Women have the opportunity to fill many of the positions including Air Dispatcher, Avionics Technician, Aviation’s Corps officer and many others. It’s a bit of a specialty field, and the requirements are rigorous, however.

Communication, IT and Education Careers

Women have the ability to enter into many careers in this sector of the U.S. Army. They will publish information on events, shoot films, edit video and handle many other tasks. Some of the positions women can fill include:

• Education Officer
• Signals Corps Officer
• Communication Advisor Officer
• Information Systems Technician
• Intelligence Corps Officer
• And More!

Security and Combat

Those looking for a very exciting career in the Army will enjoy working in the Security and Combat sector of the U.S. Army. Many rolls are found here, and the jobs in this domain require skills, vigilance, strength and plenty of training. Some will be a specialized area, while others may need to work with specific weapons systems. Security and Combat jobs include:

• Light Cavalry Scout
• Weapon Locating Radar
• Emergency Responder
• Combat Engineer
• Firefighter
• Artillery Light Gunner
• Artillery Officer
• Infantry Officer
• And More!

Business and Administration

Much like the human resource specialist position mentioned above, women fit in well in the business and administration sector of the army. This is especially true for those with a background in HR, accounting, legal or finance. Positions available in this domain include:

• Clerk Finance
• HR Head
• Education Officer
• Finance Officer
• Legal Officer
• Accountant
• And more!

Hospitality, Logistics and Support

This sector of the Army has a huge requirement for jobs and women fill them often. There are several positions within this field you may be interested in. Some of the duties will include managing logistics of stores and warehouses, along with deliveries on the battlefield. Positions you may be interested in include:

• Operator Movement
• Logistic Troop Officer
• Logistic Boat Pilot
• Aviation Support Specialists
• Driver Transport
• Supply Coordinator
• And More!

Apprenticeships and Trades

If you want to learn a particular skill, an apprenticeship is a great way to go. This is also an attractive career in the Army because it provides qualifications readily transferable to the civilian world. Some of the top choices in this field include:

• Vehicle Mechanic
• Aircraft Structural Fitter
• Avionics Technician
• Election
• Carpenter
• Plumber
• Electronics Technician
• And more!

Musical and Ceremonial

While you may not be aware of it, the Army provides jobs for those interested in music. These positions play important roles when it comes to parades and often, they will perform on horseback. Some of the possible jobs include:

• Musical Instructor
• Musician
• Band Accountant
• Second Technician
• And more!

There are several great careers for women entering the U.S. Army. Whether you prefer to be in the thick of things or you want to sit behind a desk at headquarters, there’s a job for you. Some of the positions that used to be only available for men are now available for women and probably won’t be long before all jobs are opened up to women.
The U.S. Army has a need for talented women ready to fill positions throughout the many sectors. With some career opportunities, it’s not hard to see why more women are entering into the Army than ever before.

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