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When you think of careers in the US Army, perhaps, you’ll think of jobs connected with soldiering, tanks, armor, and more. As true as that is, there are also hundreds of other jobs and career paths, and they’re not on the combat front … they’re on the office front, on base! For example, you’ll find jobs in transportation, computer technology, healthcare, construction and engineering … and that’s just a start.

For each of these careers, the army has some great training programs to equip you with exceptional skills and knowledge through hands-on training. What’s more, the skills you acquire in your chosen career path are those that will be much in demand by civilian employers, once you leave the force.

The army offers reasonably good paychecks along with such attractive benefits as housing, healthcare, food, educational assistance, special-duty pay, enlistment bonuses and more.

Here are some of the many careers and jobs offered by the US Army.

Administrative Support

The army offers a variety of on base, administrative support jobs in the US and around the globe. These jobs are critical for the efficient functioning of the army. Jobs that you may choose include – general office administration; material purchase; human resources; storekeeping; combat-support documentation; accounts and finance; and more.

Computers and IT

Being a 21st century army, you can expect numerous jobs to be available in this field. Computer and IT-related career fields that you may choose from include – data operation; intelligence; imagery analysis; linguist cryptology; networking switching systems operation; and many more.

Of course, you could also consider careers in arts and media; maintenance and repair; emergency services; transport; and more.

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