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Aside from providing one the best benefits packages to be found anywhere on earth, the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard makes sure that your regular salary keeps pace with your civilian counterparts with regular cost of living (COLA) raises, promotion raises, time in service raises, special service pay and several basic living allowances. These benefits make a military career all that much more appealing in these days of economic hardship.

Bountiful Benefits

In addition to several salary increases, military personnel also enjoy full medical, dental and vision benefits, from Day One, a housing allowance, a clothing allowance, free educational benefits, free world travel, free access to state of the art physical fitness training facilities, life insurance, and access to discounted grocery and household goods shopping, among many other benefits. There are no other employers willing or able to provide those types of benefits to entry level personnel.

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Just How Much Can You Earn?

With over 70 different types of pay and allowances, the U.S. Army and other Armed Forces have much to provide military personnel. Your initial salary is called your Basic Pay. From there, adjustments are made that take into account your rank, time in service, promotions, geographical location, regular annual COLA increases and special pay for occupations such as combat, flight and hazardous duty. Your Basic Pay is also augmented with BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) and BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence).

Once you retire from the military, there are dozens of additional benefits that you may qualify for. Not only will your military salary and benefits keep you and your family well cared for, but you will also receive free professional training in any number of career paths. In these times of uncertainty, traveling the world and earning a good living with plenty of benefits is a career option many will be looking at more closely. The added benefit of a strong community and the focus on personal achievement and recognition makes a career in the U.S. Army or other Armed Services a wise decision.

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