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The United States Army Tuition Assistance Program has more to offer than ever before. Active duty soldiers can receive 100% of the costs related to college courses taken during off-duty hours, up to an annual maximum of $4500 per year. These courses can be for either professional or personal development and benefits are available to all Army soldiers, as well as Army National Guard and Army Reserve members on active duty.

Get Signed Up With GoArmyEd

The new application process is highly streamlined and can easily be accessed online. This new system, which replaces the eArmyU program, allows soldiers to apply for benefits and enroll in classes online, minimizing the wait time. Regulations and qualification requirements can be explored by downloading the Army Continuing Education System Requirements (AR 621-5) from the GoArmyEd website (

You are just a click away from more information about joining the United States Army.

What Can GoArmyEd Do For You?

These courses can help you to build your professional skills, leading to faster promotions and pay increases. You can take personal development courses that allow you to pursue more creative interests, learn how to work on your car, study great works of literature or work toward an entirely new degree program. You can fatten your resume, learn new skills or just expand your horizons. The choice is yours and the Army will help you accomplish your goals, along with paying for your housing, medical benefits, travel expenses, professional training and dozens of other benefits.

As a member of the United States Army, you are able to pursue whatever dreams you may have and the Army will help you pay for it.

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