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Theyll Pay Me To Do ThatThere’s strong, then there’s Army Strong. It’s the motto of the United States Army, and while it may call to mind soldiers on the front lines, there’s more to the Army than combat. In fact, there’s a lot more. Only 1 in 5 jobs in the military are combat positions. That means that 80 percent of military jobs are support positions — jobs you may not even know are available to United States soldiers.

There’s no shortage of information about the economic climate in the United States. Work can be hard to find, and tough to hold on to for today’s job hunters. Soldiers, however, don’t worry about job security. They don’t worry about pay cuts, downsizing or getting short-changed on hours. In fact, the U.S. military not only offers the security of a paycheck every two weeks, it also offers benefits like housing and health care for you and for your family. Interested in travel and adventure? Soldiers experience the world. If you choose to simply serve one contract, you’ll leave the Army with the education and on the job training you need to land a civilian career. Become a career Soldier and you’ll have retirement pay and healthcare for life… benefits not many civilian careers offer these days. What do you need to get started? You bring a high school diploma or equivalent and a willingness to serve and the Army will take care of the rest.

Where Do You See Yourself?

Whether it’s stateside or abroad, the Army is a self-sustaining community. There are Soldiers who work as computer programmers, engineers, cooks, doctors, and even military police. If you’ve got a dream job, chances are they offer it in the Army. Perhaps the best part of the deal is that you come with the desire and they’ll provide the training you need. There aren’t many places in corporate America that will invest in you the way the United States military will. The Army wants to see you excel in your chosen career field. Your success means the success of the Army.

If you’re not quite sure where you see yourself, joining the Army will help you navigate possible career paths. The Armed Services offer aptitude tests that point you toward your strengths and interests.

I’m In!

If what you’re reading sounds like a good fit for you, it’s as simple as finding the nearest recruiting office. Nationwide, recruiters are available in most towns and cities to sit down and talk to you about what the Army can do for you. You might be surprised what the Army can offer. Not only may you be able to select a career, but your recruiter may even be able to offer a choice of duty station. Additionally, you may be eligible for large signing bonuses or money for college. Let your recruiter know what you’re looking for, and he or she will tell you how to get it.

All That You Can Be

Once you are a United States Soldier, you’ll be amazed at all that comes with the title. The Army will provide you with top-notch training in your chosen field; training that is transferrable to many civilian jobs should you choose to simply serve a short stint in the Army. But once you’re a Soldier, odds are, you’ll want to make it a career. Along with your training, you’ll find something much more in the Army, a true sense of belonging. You’ll proudly wear the uniform and find that you are part of a greater purpose as you serve and protect the people of the United States. Being a Soldier means job security and guaranteed income with pay raises and benefits. Being a Soldier means taking care of yourself as physical conditioning becomes a way of life. Being a Soldier means seeing the world and making it a better place…because there’s Strong, then there’s Army Strong.

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