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It was once said that women could never handle the rigors of military life. Obviously, whoever said that was wrong. Women are strong, resilient and tough enough to do extremely well in Army Basic Training. Just as for the men, Basic Training is physically and mentally challenging. Strenuous exercise, tight schedules, and extensive soldiering skill training will have you achieving more than you ever thought you could…but you can.

Women are perfectly capable of completing the physical training, the coursework and the soldiering aspects of Army Basic Training as well as any man, though some of the requirements are slightly modified to take into account the physiological differences between men and women.

It’s Time To Get Physical

Many women discover they are far more resilient and have far greater stamina than they realized, once they begin to challenge themselves in Army Basic Training. Army Basic Training will require that you are active most of your waking hours. Preparing for Army Basic Training means plenty of sit-ups, push-ups and lots of running. Practicing these skills ahead of time will make your Army basic Training experience that much more productive.

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New Skills Stimulate Your Mind

Learning to be a soldier in the Army requires an entirely new set of skills. Your classroom and field work will challenge you both mentally and physically. Following orders, listening carefully to instructions and paying attention to details will keep you ahead of the game and ready for promotion.

The United States Army is an excellent career choice for today’s modern woman, as it offers excellent benefits, free career training and world travel, all in the name of liberty and justice for all.

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