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Army Boot Camp, or Basic Training, is physically and mentally challenging. You will push your body to its limits doing sit-ups, push-ups, running, climbing and crawling. You will learn soldiering weaponry, and strategy skills, both in the classroom and in the field. You will learn the importance of following orders, paying attention to details and being on time.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Yes, people will yell at you. Most Army recruits have a lifetime of poor habits and responses that are inappropriate to military life. The enemy will not care about your feelings, intentions or aspirations, nor will your drill instructor. Drill instructors will use every opportunity available to them to rid new recruits of the laziness, carelessness and ineptitude that might result in a failed military mission or the loss of life. You will be pushed to your limits, lose many bad habits and emerge stronger, smarter and better than you ever realized was possible.

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Impossible Obstacles And Amazing Achievements

Drill instructors will assign impossible tasks, not to make you fail, but to teach you how to handle yourself in impossible situations. Time is short and at a premium in Army Basic Training. You can save yourself a lot of grief by getting yourself in shape before you enlist, learning to get things done quickly and resigning yourself to following orders. This is not the place for arrogant pride or questioning authority.

By maintaining the right attitude and applying yourself vigorously, you will amaze yourself with what you can accomplish and achieve in Army Basic Training and throughout your Army career.

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