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Everyone has heard of the GI Bill, but most people do not realize just how much it covers and how little you have to do to qualify. After serving only 90 days of a three year active duty service contract, you automatically qualify for Montgomery GI Bill benefits. This can mean an additional $4500 a year in your pocket. These benefits are also available to Army Reservists on a six year contract. Other incentives for self-improvement can include correspondence classes, textbook costs and even licensing and testing fees. You may also receive up to $50,000 for approved, specialized training, through the Army College Fund.

Student Loans, “Be Gone!”

The Army’s College Loan Repayment benefit can assist you in paying off up to $65,000 of federally insured student loans. Army Reserve soldiers can receive up to $20,000 in student loan repayment assistance. The U.S. Army is ready, willing and able to provide you with all of the training you need to be the best at whatever it is you do. This is to both your and the Army’s advantage.

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Debt Free And Ready To Roll

Military benefits include free housing, full medical, dental and vision benefits, an outstanding retirement plan and plenty of other ways to make your paycheck go further than your civilian counterparts. Debt free is not an impossible goal. The Army even offers free family budget workshops to help you build a solid financial future.

Combined with the ongoing and cutting edge career training you will already receive from the Army, these benefits can work together to create a lucrative, life long career path with many benefits for you and your family.

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