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5 Factors Make Army Jobs Unbeatable

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If you add up all the benefits that come with US Army jobs, you’ll arrive at a stunning total that few civilian employers – with the exception of other major US Military branches – can match. Well, that’s if you consider the exclusive, extras that you’ll earn and experience – unmatched excitement and adventure; world travel; great pay packages and bonuses; high motivation, self-esteem and professional job and leadership skills, and a lot, lot more. What’s more, you’ll forge strong, lifelong bonds of friendship with brave men and women who share your vision, ideals and ambition.

Here are 5 salient factors that make US Army jobs unbeatable.

Assured job stability – As against unpredictable job security in the civilian employment sector, US Army jobs are recession-proof and offer far more stability, being fully backed by the US government. This means you’ll get paid on time, every time.

Great pay packages – You can expect excellent pay packages in the US Army, comparable to, if not better than, the average remuneration you’ll receive in civilian jobs. What’s more, your pay will rise significantly with every promotion you achieve during your term of duty.

Incomparable benefits – Nutritious food quality, free healthcare and housing are three big reasons why you’ll save a significant portion of your salary. Such expenses would make a sizeable dent in your pocket with civilian jobs.

Helpful education aid – In an effort to encourage higher educational levels among its personnel, the US Army offers generous amounts in terms of financial aid to meet the costs of tuition and other relevant college fees for such education.

Promising future prospects – With the high level of motivational, job and leadership skills that you acquire during your service term, you can expect to gain lucrative civilian jobs in the future.

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