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3 Great Reasons Make Army Jobs Irresistible

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In terms of active and reserve-duty manpower, the Army is the largest of all US military branches. Global reach, presence, and mega national/international infrastructure and logistical facilities also make the US Army a significant employer.

The extremely large number and variety of career paths and job opportunities that the US Army offers can be attributed to its sheer size. Given the continuing dismal unemployment figures, particularly in the civilian sector, hundreds of people now consider the US Army as the more attractive and stable alternative, either to build their careers, or to find rewarding full or part-time jobs.

While there are several factors that make US Army jobs attractive, here are three that make them irresistible.

Great training programs

On successful completion of basic (boot camp) training, you’ll be given special training in the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) job you chose earlier at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). The US Army’s specialty training programs use state-of-the-art technology, and are driven by extremely experienced and knowledgeable instructors who use exclusive training methods to help you acquire specialized skills.

Great salary and benefits

The US Army offers attractive salaries that are on par with any civilian job, if not better. In addition to your salary, you can expect a host of other incomparable benefits that include – heavily discounted, nutritious food; free housing, either on base or at some exciting, global locations; free healthcare; generous financial assistance for education; 30-day paid leave; great enlistment and other bonuses; and high-value increments as you move up in rank.

Great future prospects

Civilian employers are fully aware of the high motivation, leadership, administrative and other technical skills, that army vets possess. These are the attributes that will greatly add to your future job prospects once you return to civilian life after your service term has ended.

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