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Life in the army can be adventurous, challenging, exciting and dangerous, all wrapped up in one. And if you consider the wide range of enticing benefits, the US Army offers their enlisted personnel, perhaps, you’ll discover an army career is worth signing up for.

While the full gamut of army benefits could run across a few pages, here are some of the multiple US Army benefits that may certainly interest you.


Meticulous skills training

The US Army offers multiple skills training programs covering various disciplines through which you can acquire exceptional administrative and technical skills. Civilian employers are aware of the value of trained ex-army personnel to their businesses which means you can benefit greatly in finding private sector employment after your service term has ended.


Good pay. Swift promotions

As evidenced by reports published in the Navy Times army promotions have been found to be swifter than any other branch of the US Military. Although pay offered by the different Armed Forces are more or less similar by rank, you could earn quicker money in the army as promotions have proved to be faster than those of other military branches.


Exciting travel potential

The US Military has full-fledged basis around the globe, which presents exciting travel opportunities for enlisted personnel to visit or reside and work in some of these attractive locations.


Generous income for life

All retiring US Army personnel are entitled to 50% of base pay, corresponding to the pay grade attained at the time of retirement. However, such personnel are eligible for this retirement income, only if they have served a maximum of 20 years or more of continous army service.

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