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If you’re happy with the standard enlistment benefits that the US Army offers its personnel … perhaps, you’ll be overjoyed when you discover the variety and amounts that it awards in the form of additional, “enlistment bonuses”. So, if you’ve got unique skills, let the US Army know you have them. It’s one smart way to start, and boost your bank balance.

Enlistment bonuses are not just awarded to encourage people with skills to sign up for service, but they are the US Army’s way of rewarding people who possess exceptional and unique skills that are critical to its efficiency and maintaining its outstanding stature among other branches of the US Military.

Eligibility criteria to earn bonuses

The US Army computes the values of the enlistment bonuses that it awards on the basis of academic qualifications, and the specialized skills, knowledge, and experience candidates bring to the army table when enlisting.

The amounts paid by way of enlistment bonuses are not only dependent on the above factors, but will vary according to the army’s perception of a candidate’s skills as “unique”, or IF they determine such skills are “critical” or “much needed” at any given time.

Here are two of the many types of enlistment bonuses that enlisted personnel of the US Army are eligible for.

‘Education’ enlistment bonuses

Education enlistment bonuses are computed on the basis of a candidate’s educational qualifications. As examples – a 4-year Bachelor’s degree carries an $8,000 enlistment bonus, while a 2-year college degree could fetch a candidate a $7000 bonus. Figures specified here are subject to change, so do check with an authorized army recruiter for the amounts applicable at the time you enlist.

Special ‘civilian skills’ bonuses

Candidates with specialized skills, such as animal care specialists, foreign language translators and interpreters, multi-linguists, etc. Depending on the particular skills that candidates possess, enlistment bonuses can range from as low as $5000 to a maximum of $15,000. Again, do reconfirm the figures specified here when you enlist, as they are subject to change.

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