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Perhaps, you are one who loves challenges and adventure. Perhaps, you also have an in-born desire to handle cutting-edge, army weaponry, or be in the thick of action. If these assumptions are bang on target … perhaps, you are indeed specially made for a US Army career or job.

Well, before you get carried away with the possibility of building an exciting and fulfilling army career, are you ready to join the world’s finest ground fighting force? Here are 2 important questions, a “yes” to which, will reveal that you are.

Are you truly fighting fit?

To be eligible for US Army enlistment, you’ll need to be in peak medical and physical health, and remain so throughout your service term. During basic training (boot camp), you’ll be put through one of the most physically and mentally-exhausting training programs you can imagine.

Success here will determine whether or not you have the strength, stamina, resolve, and leadership skills to deal effectively and efficiently with any challenge or assignment that comes your way throughout your term of duty.

Are you ready to commit?

Joining the US Army is a solemn, commitment set in stone. A commitment you’ll be making to your country, its people, and the US Army. A commitment to make sacrifices in the face of any challenge that comes your way.

If you are willing and determined to make this commitment, you must know that while it may be relatively easy to qualify for army enlistment, if will be pretty hard to quit, especially once you get through boot camp training, choose your MOS job, and sign your enlistment contract. Think again. Are you ready?

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