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Perhaps, you’ll either have unrealistic perceptions and expectations about US Army life, based on what others tell you, or be willing to take time out to find out for yourself. Well, you needn’t think twice, the latter is the smarter way to go.

Joining the US Army with your eyes wide open is a recipe for success, because although army life involves rigorous boot camp training, a variety of daily chores, and other specialized, skills training programs to attend, it also offers an eventful life filled with challenges, action, adventure and a lot more quantifiable and intangible benefits and rewards.

Army life isn’t all work and no play

Quite the opposite that one may perceive US Army life to be, you’ll find that after all the hard work and training during the day, the army will provide you with every facility to help you relax, have fun, indulge in a favorite sport, and do many of the things you do in civilian life.

Here’s the lifestyle you can enjoy, living on an Army Post, if fortune smiles on you. If you work hard … it will.

  • Swimming pool
  • Bowling alley
  • Fitness center
  • Golf course
  • Restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • Bar
  • Movie theater
  • A lot more

The Army also offers generous pay

The generous paychecks offered by the US Army have full government backing and are therefore, recession-proof. Add to this, other unmatched benefits like free food, housing, healthcare, educational aid, paid vacations, bonuses … the very thought will make your day.

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