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Your Telecommunications Career Starts Here: In the U.S. Army

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Your Telecommunications Career Starts HereIt will begin with your very first day in the Army. Every Soldier is taught self-discipline, time management and attention to detail. It’s traits like these that will make you stand out from others in the telecommunications field. Of course you’ll learn everything you need to know to do your job, but you’ll bring something greater to the table: the integrity, sense of responsibility and confidence that comes with wearing the Army uniform—and long after you take that uniform off, those traits will stick with you.

The telecommunications professionals in the Army are some of the best in the nation—that’s because they receive phenomenal vocational and professional training on top of the life skills and experience that come with being a Soldier. First-rate training isn’t all you’ll get in the Army. In addition to a steady paycheck, the military benefits package includes things like housing, health care, and a retirement plan. You don’t need any specialized training to begin a telecommunications career with the Army. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent the Army will provide all of the training you need. That training will be ongoing—so you can be sure that you’ll be ahead of the technology curve.

Job Security

In these uncertain economic times, a career in the military offers a stability that many others cannot. Army Soldiers have a guaranteed paycheck in a rewarding field. When you’re a Soldier, you don’t have to worry if you’ll be able to make your next car payment. And, contrary to popular belief, many Soldiers don’t have to worry about front line combat. Support positions make up nearly 80% of all of the jobs in the United States Army. Just like any other self-sustaining community, the Army needs cooks, doctors, lawyers, mechanics and computer programmers.

It’s no secret that telecommunications jobs and jobs in the electronic industries are booming right now. That boom isn’t just in the private sector. The military, too, needs to stay at the forefront of cutting edge technology. The Army trains radio, microwave, radar and satellite operators. As a Solider in the telecommunications field, you may specialize in telephones, navigational equipment or digital communications. These are not just skills that you’ll use in the Army—it’s training that will take you into your life beyond the military.

Training For Success

When the Army trains you in schematics, blueprints and sketches—you may be operating in a simulated event—putting your knowledge to work in a real life-type situation. Some Soldiers are trained in computer repair, others in programming. If the job exists in the civilian world, odds are, you’ll find its counterpart in the Army.

There are tiers of training in the Army. First and foremost, every person who joins is taught to be a Soldier. Following your basic training, you’ll attend a specialized school to teach you about your chosen career field. Following your school you’ll be assigned to a unit where you can put your skills to work. You’ll work side-by-side with Soldiers who are already proficient in their career and will give you on-the-job training. As you become more confident in your field, you’ll do the same, teaching junior Soldiers what you’ve learned along the way.

A Future In The Army… And Beyond

If telecommunications sounds appealing, look into the United States Army. Still not sure what career path you’d like to follow? Speaking to an Army recruiter can help you to sort out your options. The Army offers aptitude tests to help you find your niche based on your knowledge and abilities. Once you’ve found that niche, the Army will train you—not just for your initial assignment, but throughout your entire career.
While you can read about the training and benefits package that you’ll get as a United States Soldier, perhaps the greatest benefits are those that you really have to experience first-hand. No one can describe to you the respect and the camaraderie that comes with wearing the uniform of the United States Army. As a Soldier you’ll find not only will you acquire the skills for a lifetime career, but you’ll wake up every morning with the pride of knowing that you are protecting the freedom of your country.

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