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Why Is An Army Career Unbeatable?

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When measured against most civilian careers, an army career is indeed unbeatable, because it offers unmatched extras that active-duty personnel enjoy during their service terms, and throughout their life. These unique extras are what compel numerous people to rate an army career high above all others.

So, what is it that gives an army career a distinct edge over a civilian one? What compels so many people to enlist? Let’s check the UNIQUE benefits.

Unique job security

Unlike some types of civilian jobs that face the ever present threat of job instability and other problems, viz. late pay, pay cuts, lay offs and redundancies, all US Army jobs are guaranteed by the US government. This way you needn’t worry about your paychecks or any other threat to your job, if you work in the disciplined and dedicated manner, well within the rules specified by the US Army.

Unique pay packages

Apart from being on par with the average pay across most civilian jobs, army paychecks come with a bouquet of unique benefits which include assured promotions; high-value increments, bonuses and educational aid; free on-base housing, healthcare and food; travel opportunities; retirement benefits; and a lot more. In this manner, you’ll stand to save a significant sum of money versus what you would spend with a civilian job.

Unique future prospects

Apart from unbeatable retirement benefits, a US Army career helps you gain exceptional, administrative technical and leadership skills, together with a high level of mental and physical fitness. As a result, you will enjoy a unique advantage over other applicants for civilian jobs, prominent among them are such jobs as, computer science/network systems management; security; law enforcement; training and education; healthcare administration; human resources training management; and many more.

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