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Big Enlistment Benefits ... Because The Army Cares

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The US Army offers a variety of high-value, “enlistment benefits”, in addition to standard pay; free on-base housing, food and healthcare; special-duty and skills pay; valuable increments and bonuses; generous monetary aid for education; and a lot more.

These are the many ways by which the army demonstrates its serious commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of all its enlisted personnel. So, if you’ve been dithering about joining the US Army … perhaps, its’ time you did a smart rethink. Given below are some of the many army enlistment bonuses.


Enlisted, Family Benefits

Childcare support, family counseling and adoption assistance are but a few of the many enlisted family benefits that US Army personnel can enjoy. Benefits such as these, boost morale, keep personnel highly motivated, and give them an overall sense of happiness and belonging.  

Enlisted Education Benefits

Under the Montgomery GI Bill, enlisted US Army personnel are eligible for generous, monetary assistance for higher education during their terms of duty. With higher educational qualifications, personnel can achieve higher ranks and enjoy the additional pay, increments and benefits that come with them.

Enlisted Healthcare Benefits

The US Army offers valuable enlisted healthcare benefits which includes dental care. This runs in line with the army’s commitment to maintaining a high level of physical fitness among all its enlisted, active-duty personnel. This is a useful benefit when one considers the high cost of such medical services which many private sector companies may not cover.

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