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Let The U.S. Army Send You To Dental SchoolHave you dreamed of becoming a dentist, only to be daunted by the sky rocketing costs of dental school? Sign on with the United States Army and you could get scholarships for up to four years of dental school with the potential for higher education for specialized careers like becoming an oral surgeon or a periodontist. Unlike other careers, dentists are always in high demand.

Here’s how it works. You can join the Army as a certified dentist, or you can join the army as a student. The army will help pick up the tab on your education in exchange for your commitment to serve your country. Time commitment varies but can be as little as two years. What many find, however, is that practicing dentistry in the Army offers the opportunity to care for patients without building a practice, carrying insurance and overhead. In addition, you’ll get to travel the world and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Dental School Is Expensive—Especially On Top Of Running A Household

The idea of dental school can seem impossible if you’re caring for a family at the same time. An educational investment like medical school is a tough stretch when you’re also juggling a mortgage, household bills and the cost of raising a family. The Army can take the worry out of the equation by providing housing, healthcare and many other benefits for your family—all while you draw a paycheck. Bonuses are often available for career fields like dentistry. In addition, if you choose to stay in the military, there are also excellent retirement benefits.

It’s More Than Education—It’s A Lifestyle

You may join the Army to cover your educational costs, but as a soldier, you’ll find military life offers a range of benefits. Of course you’ll always have the benefits of family health care, but living on or near a base also offers things like tax-free shopping with great prices as well as free access to gyms and services. Some bases have movie theaters with discounted tickets, and others may offer hobby shops where you can work on your car or a woodworking project.

As a United States soldier, you’ll get the opportunity to travel at the Army’s expense. New orders may send you across the country, but the Army will provide someone to pack and move all of your household belongings and unpack them safely at your new duty station. You’ll experience travel and adventure—and the military makes moving as simple as possible for service men and women.

Why Become An Army Dentist?

After you graduate from dental school, you’ll serve your country by taking care of the men and women who wear the Army uniform. Those soldiers will come to know you and respect you. You may have the opportunity to travel on humanitarian missions and help people in other countries as well.

The Army wants you to be the top of your field. Your education won’t stop with your degree as you continue to attend training and industry events to make sure that you are competent and “Army Strong.” When you’re an Army dentist, not only are you a medical professional, you’re a soldier. You’ll be mentally and physically fit. You’ll be well paid. You’ll serve your country. You’ll be an American hero, doing something you love.

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