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Two Essentials To Arm You For Army Life

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In the US Army, you’ll be called upon to perform routine, physically-demanding exercises and tasks; made to spend long hours in classrooms; run long and hard in the field; be sleep-deprived; and also be yelled at if you slipup or falter.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy your after-duty hours pursuing a hobby, participating in a favorite sport, go shopping, chill out with friends, watch a movie, and do most of the things one does in civilian life.

So, there are 2 sides to the coin when it comes to army life. The question is – Are you prepared enough to withstand army life? Here are 2 essentials to be better prepared.


Learn to live without some luxuries

Although army life has its own set of action-packed, adventure and challenges, great travel opportunities, fine entertainment and lots of fun and thrills, it also involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In boot camp, and the earlier part of your life as a recruit, you’ll spend long lengths of time away from family, relatives and friends; and get used to a life without a cell phone, TV, DVD, hi-fi system, or computer.

So, the more time and effort you exert to do without such necessities, the better prepared you’ll be.


Work hard to gain top physical fitness

Boot camp training is just one reason why you’ll need to get into peak physical shape. To withstand the rigors of US Army life, you’ll also need to sustain your health and physical fitness throughout your term of duty, if have any chance of being enlisted, or achieving higher ranks in due course, once you have.

To better your chances for enlistment, concentrate on building up your stamina, instead of focusing only on strength. Try brisk-walking and running at least 1-2 miles daily; do as many sit ups and pushups you can endure; and try staying awake beyond the period you are usually used to.

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