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The US Army Is A BIG Employer, Too

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If one assesses its size by combat numbers alone, it’s true … the US Army is the largest of all other branches of the US Military. However, when it comes to employment potential, there are far more jobs in the US Army than combat-related ones. The point is that not many people realize this until they take time out to discover the truth for themselves.

One mustn’t lose sight of the fact that to keep army soldiers, weaponry, vehicles, offices, communications, catering, medical facilities, and more, functioning efficiently and consistently, the US Army also has openings in a wide spectrum of career disciplines, as well as support jobs.

Here are a few of the many careers and job positions that the US Army frequently requires candidates for.


Emergency & Medical care

There are several positions under the two job categories, and they include – qualified doctors and physicians; nurses; veterinarian specialists; firefighters; radiologists; nutritionists; dental care specialists; ambulance and first-aid specialists; on-base security personnel; and much more.  

Maintenance & Repair

Owing to its large size and multiple installations, the US Army also has openings for qualified, skilled and experienced mechanics/technicians to carry out routine maintenance and repair of diverse types of machinery, vehicles, weaponry, and other army hardware.

Positions here include – truck and tracked-vehicle mechanics; tank and helicopter technicians; railway equipment technicians; small and large weaponry technicians; utility systems mechanics and repair and a lot more.   

Aviation & Transport

Positions in these fields are complementary and supportive of US Army logistics whenever and wherever needed. Positions offered here include – aeronautical engineers and technicians; aviation electricians; drivers; parachute riggers; and many more.



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