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The Army Special Forces, or Green Beret, are known around the world as the ultimate fighting force. Skilled, precise and deadly, Green Beret soldiers and Navy SEALS train harder than anyone to win in unconventional warfare arenas. Today’s combat environments require the expertise and talents of Green Berets more than ever. Do you have what it takes to qualify?

Your Green Beret training will prepare you to be ready to do whatever it takes, wherever it is required, in a manner that is both efficient and effective, Green Beret training covers more skills than any other military training. As a Green Beret, you will be trained in demolitions, intelligence, survival, hand to hand combat, offensive raids, weaponry, foreign language, and search and rescue missions in jungles, deserts, mountains, arctic regions, waterborne areas and inner cities.

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Instead of dutiful obedience, being a successful Green Beret means being a creative problem solver, a skilled negotiator, a weapons expert, and having the ability to go behind enemy lines to recruit, train and arm friendly guerilla forces. Army Special Forces are active in humanitarian efforts as well as unconventional warfare.

To qualify for Army Special Forces training, you must be in peak physical condition, adaptable, intelligent and creative. These are not simply march, drill and shoot efforts. The Army Special Forces are a deadly, elite fighting force, an educational and supportive humanitarian force and a loyal team of dedicated professionals that require innovative thinking and technical precision. There is no greater challenge and no greater reward than to be a member of the Army Special Forces.

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