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The U.S. Army—Calling All Animal LoversSince the beginning of time, animals have been making life easier for people and serving as companions. Service animals play many roles in society, but there are also animals that bring a whole new meaning to service. The United States Army uses animals in many functions and individuals are needed to train, handle and care for them.

If working with animals is your idea of a perfect job, the U.S. Army may have just what you are looking for. The Army trains livestock managers, veterinarians, service dog handlers and horse handlers. The skills you learn in the Army can last you a lifetime. As we become more aware of the purposes that animals can serve as service animals, the civilian job market is also expanding.

The Perfect Pet Can Also Be The Perfect Partner

Dogs are more than just pets in today’s world. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the animals on television that help police and federal agents sniff out everything from drugs to bombs. Dogs can follow the scent of a person to aid search parties. But you may be surprised to hear about the other things that dogs are doing these days.

In upscale hotels, dogs may be used to “inspect” mattresses for bed bugs. Some dogs are known to “sniff out” types of cancer and some can even predict seizures. Dogs can help lead the blind and aid people with disabilities in performing simple tasks. While the animals are still used in traditional ways like protecting property and herding other animals, the term “service” dog is much broader than it has been before. As the jobs for dogs increase, so do the careers for people who handle those dogs and the Army is willing to provide the training.

Connecting With Horses

It’s not just dogs that come to the aid of humans in need. Horses are still used in many parts of the world for labor and transportation. Of course you’ve seen horses in parades and formal events since the beginning of civilization. The animal represents both gentle and strong—and it’s that nature that makes horses excellent therapy partners for people as well. Particularly individuals with autism and mental disabilities respond well to these animals.

In the Army, you can train to work with horses and carry your knowledge into the private sector when you leave the military.

Caring for the Animals

If caring for animals is your passion, the Army not only offers opportunities for veterinarians but will even help you go to vet school. As a soldier, the Army will reimburse your college expenses as well as offer a stipend while you study. When you complete your education, you’ll step into a ready-made practice caring for the animals who are also serving our country.

In addition to animal medicine, the Army also offers a variety of jobs that involve the animals it keeps—everything from providing the food for the animals to meeting their daily needs in animal husbandry positions.

If you have a passion for animals, a career in the Army may provide just what you’re looking for. In addition to training and job security, as a soldier you can count on a steady income, health care, housing, retirement and many other benefits of military life. For more information about how you can start a career working with animals in the Army, click

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