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Part of your Army Basic Training consists of learning the Seven Army Values. These values form the strength of character you will need both in and out of the Army. They are the same Masonic values that made America the greatest nation on Earth. They will steel you against the moments of fear and weakness faced by everyone at one time or another. They are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage:

Loyalty to the United States Constitution, the Army, your fellow soldiers and American ideals provides the reliability needed for successful operations;

Duty means following through on your obligations, accepting responsibility for your actions and committing yourself to self-improvement;

Respecting yourself and the rights of others, whether you agree with them or not, treating ourselves and others fairly and respectfully;

Selfless service to your subordinates, your superiors, the Army and the nation will provide you with the fortitude and self control necessary to work as a successful team;

Honor for Army Values, American ideals and yourself will hold you in greater esteem among your peers, superiors and subordinates, both in and out of the Army;

Integrity is your conscience and the moral compass that must be used to guide your every thought and action, driving you to do what is right, just and moral, whether anyone is looking or not;

Personal courage is the determination to face fear, uncertainty and danger with mental, physical and moral courage.

The Seven Army Values are American values and the values held by every person of worth. Making them a part of your character will make you virtually indestructible.

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