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The Army’s Special Forces Ranger School is one of the most demanding and rigorous tests of your physical and mental fortitude to be found. The only way to succeed is to prepare. You will need to develop strength, stamina and a solid core. You will need to feed yourself properly and hydrate yourself extensively. With effort and determination, you can develop the ability to not only survive Army Ranger School but you can thrive, succeed and lead one of the world’s elite fighting forces.

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Hit The Road Running

Running is one of the best preparations you can do for Army Ranger School, so hit the road with a good attitude, comfortable shoes and a water supply. Push yourself as hard as you can and then give your body time to recover. Hiking, while carrying up to one-third of your bodyweight, should also become part of your fitness routine. Cross-country trails or city sidewalks can be used for hiking and running. The important point is to do both as much and as often as you can without damaging your body or your determination.

Sit, Swim, Push And Pull

Swimming is an excellent way to develop your core muscles and to ease other aches and pains that may come from your other workouts. Swimming will also help you to develop your lung capacity, making all of your workouts more effective and productive. Push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups are a big part of the Army Ranger School fitness program. Practice them often and for as long as you can.

Your attitude and determination are far more important than your current fitness level. If you have the drive, your body can develop the strength and stamina to succeed at Army Ranger School.

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