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To graduate from Army Basic Training, you must pass the Physical Fitness test (PFT) with a minimum score of 50 points in each of three events: sit-ups, push-ups and running. These tests are used to evaluate your physical strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. A special Physical Fitness Badge is awarded to those individuals who score 270 or higher on their PFT. Remedial training is available for those unable to pass their initial PFT.

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Requirements vary by age and gender and each result is assigned a number score. The Army PFT challenges you to complete as many push-ups within a 2 minute period as you can. The minimum push-ups score is 35 for a 17-year old male, while a female of the same age is only required to perform 13 push-ups, due to physiological differences. After a brief rest, you are asked to complete as many sit-ups as you can in 2 minutes. Both male and female 17-year olds are required to perform at least 47 sit-ups. Finally, you will perform a timed 2 mile run. The 17-year old male is required to complete this 2 mile run in 16:36 minutes or less, while the female runner must finish within 19:42.

Preparing for the Army Basic Training PFT requires a consistent commitment of time and effort. Making time each day to perform these skills will make passing the Army PFT that much easier. Regular exercise is good for everyone. As a member of the United States Army, it is an investment in your career.

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