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Specializing In Language Means Big Pay Checks In The Army

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Language Means Big Pay Checks In The ArmyIf you are someone who really enjoys languages and communication, you can put it to work for you in the United States Army. Whether you’re already fluent in a second language or you just enjoy learning languages, you can get a job in the United States Army. As the global economy takes American interests all over the world, the Army is employing more linguists—and they’ll pay for them.

Army linguists are involved with intelligence, special operations, translations and many other aspects of Army missions. If you aren’t already fluent in another language, the Army will not only train you, but also provide a paycheck and benefits as you learn.

More Than Just The Language

There’s more to becoming an Army linguist than just learning the language. As anyone who has ever tried to express themselves in a foreign language will tell you, context and cultural factors play a critical role in communication. Things don’t always translate literally; in fact, something that is a compliment in one language can be an insult in another. Knowing the people you communicate with is as important as knowing the language. When you are a linguist in the Army, there’s no room for miscommunication. The United States Army will make sure that your message is clear and that you’ll clearly understand.

All of this training is compliments of the U.S. Army. You won’t pay a penny out of pocket to train for this interesting career. In fact, they’ll pay you. As a member of the United States Army, not only will you collect a paycheck, but you’ll also be eligible for great benefits like housing and healthcare for you and your family. Should you make a career of the Army, there’s an excellent retirement plan. Should you choose to only serve a short time, you’ll be leaving with highly marketable skills for the civilian world.

More Than Just A Team

One of the greatest benefits that you’ll experience as a United States soldier is the camaraderie that comes with the uniform. The Army truly becomes your extended family, and it isn’t just for the service member. No matter where your family is stationed, you’ll find a close knit community that “takes care of their own.” On post, you’ll have shopping, health facilities and family services. Most also have amenities like gyms, movie theaters and bowling allies. Perhaps the greatest resource, however, is the community you’ll find. Need a couch moved? Someone to watch your baby in an emergency? Friends to share a sunny afternoon around a barbecue? Simply say the word and military families will be there.

Being Part Of A Global Plan

From business to humanitarian efforts, we’re operating on a global playing field. Language barriers must be broken down for us to operate successfully and protect United States interests at home and abroad. As an Army linguist, you may be translating documents, participating in face-to-face meetings or handling highly sensitive intelligence reports. There’s no telling what your mission will hold. However, one thing is certain. You will become a major part of ensuring the freedom of the people of this country.

Interested in languages? Like the idea of job security and a competitive salary? See what the Army has to offer linguists by clicking HERE.

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