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Military forces are only as string as their intelligence is accurate. The days of traditional warfare are over and military intelligence is crucial to mission success. As a result, the demand for Army Intelligence Analysts is in the rise and it may be the perfect career for you, especially in these days of economic instability.

A career in the Army means ongoing, cutting edge training, excellent benefits and a salary that is comparable with the civilian sector. Add to all of that the free and discounted world travel, excellent neighborhoods and schools available in base housing, access to fitness facilities and discounted military shopping privileges and you have one sweet professional offer.

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Required Skills And Aptitudes

You must be able to think, speak and write clearly, organize information, and have an interest in gathering information and studying its meaning and implications. This is a game of chess on a world scale. You must be a person of integrity, initiative and discretion.

Training As An Intelligence Analyst

After Army Basic Training, you will be sent to 13 weeks of Advanced Individual Training where you will develop the skills necessary to think critically, prepare and read maps and intelligence reports, become familiar with military symbols, and develop expertise in computer systems. You will also be introduced to the Distributed Common Ground System Army (DCGS-A).

In this day of hard to find jobs and even harder to keep benefits, a career as an Army Intelligence Analyst will provide you and your family with a solid income, the best benefits available and a career you can be proud of  for a lifetime.

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