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Military housing is just one of the many benefits made available to single and married Army soldiers around the world. Your Army post housing benefit includes water, sewer, and electricity. It also provides you with a secure neighborhood and little to no commute time. The single Army soldier will discover that living in the Barracks is very much like living in a college dorm, only better.

Today’s Army barracks feature such amenities as a common room with television and other media equipment, a general purpose room for cleaning muddy gear, laundry facilities, a workout room and, surprisingly enough, privacy. Once unheard of in Army barracks, today’s facilities offer two separate living quarters that share a bathroom and a kitchen area between them. Your private area includes walk-in closets designed specifically with military gear in mind.

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Married Army soldiers are able to provide excellent accommodations for their family in Army post housing. Single family homes, complete with yards, laundry facilities, appliances and a garage, make post living an ideal choice for the career Army soldier.

Children can play in safe neighborhoods and attend excellent schools. Medical facilities, libraries, shopping, playgrounds and community events are only moments away. Army post housing makes up for the frequent moves that come with a military career. Each of your moves is paid for by the Army and each new post offers an instant community and neighbors who understand and share your professional pride as members of the United States Army.

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