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From Civilian To Commissioned Officer in 3 Ways

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Virtually every recruit that enlists with the US Army – the planets most powerful – harbors one cherished, dream … to become a “Commissioned Officer”. If you are one among them, that dream CAN and WILL become reality … BUT you’ll have to work hard for it before that happens.

Who are Commissioned Officers?

Commissioned Officers are professional soldiers, too. They are adept at devising strategic mission plans, making swift decisions, adapting to changing battlefield environments … and most of all, they’re trained to lead from the front by example, and inspire soldiers under them during the simplest, or most difficult missions.

Here are 3 ways to transition from civilian to Commissioned Officer of the US Army.

1. Officer Candidate SchoolOCS


Before all else, you’ll be required to – be between 19 and 29 years of age; be a US citizen; enjoy peak physical and mental health; possess a 4-year or higher college degree; have sound character, morals and self-discipline.

The process here usually begins with ‘Basic Combat Training’, followed by another rigorous, 14-week training program. Finally, if candidates are successful in both, they become eligible to be enrolled for the ‘Officer Basic Course’.

2. US Military Academy West Point


West Point is primarily a university – a premier and highly acclaimed institution in the US – that has given the country some of its most decorated government, civilian and military leaders. For admission, you’ll need to – be 17 to 24 years of age; hold bona fide US citizenship; have above-average school/college academic credentials; possess an armed service-connected nomination, or congressional nomination; and possess above-average SAT or ACT test scores.

3. Reserve Officer’s Training Corps – ROTC

At an ROTC, you’ll have a curriculum that includes ‘military-specific’ courses and ‘elected leadership’ courses that will train you to lead enlisted active-duty soldiers. Eligibility for admission requires that you – possess acceptance or enrollment in a recognized college; enjoy sound physical and mental fitness; and be a bona fide US citizen, among others.

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