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After the closing of one successful chapter in your life – army service – another promising chapter will open … lucrative, civilian jobs. And there are some solid, reasons why this phase of your life promises to be so rewarding. Read on.

Civilian employers have long recognized the values that US Army vets bring to the table – (in addition to exceptional, administrative and technical skills) – dedication, dependability, honesty, integrity, leadership and motivation, to mention a few. These are the reasons why civilian employers prefer army vets and reward them handsomely.

Here are 3 few paying jobs that you may consider after army service.

Medical Assistants

The Healthcare sector has a perennial shortage of candidates skilled and experienced in different medical disciplines, ‘Medical Assistants’ being one of them. This job involves close daily interaction with different patients – many of them ageing, “baby boomers” – and assisting them on all other aspects of their overall health.

Medical Records Keeper

Maintenance of medical records is as important to healthcare treatment as the cure. Medical records keepers play an important role, in the medical field, for example – ensuring that patients receive the appropriate treatment as dictated by their individual histories and records.

Law Enforcement staff

Army vets applying for jobs in the field of law enforcement can make the transition from army to civilian life relatively easy. Army men and women go though long hours of training during their service terms, and are, therefore fully equipped to handle any eventuality in the civilian community. This is why civilian employers trust army vets.

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