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From a desire to serve the country; experience a more challenging work environment; acquire special skills; or build a unique career … you’ll find a hundred more reasons to join the US Army. However, one convincing reason to join the army is the multiple monetary benefits that you’ll be eligible to receive during and after active-duty service.

Here are 3 of the multiple benefits that the US Army and Army Reserve offer serving and veteran personnel.

Healthcare Coverage – To keep fit and save

Whether it be generic or specialized, healthcare costs have increased significantly over the past few years putting adequate medical diagnostics, treatment and medication beyond the reach of millions of people, young and old. Moreover, with most insurance companies charging more and offering far less coverage in return, good healthcare and insurance is indeed a luxury few civilians can afford.

In the US Army, you’ll be provided with the very best in healthcare AND health insurance coverage through the provision of free, specialized diagnostic treatment and medication. In this manner, not only will you have every opportunity to keep fit, you’ll have every opportunity to save … and save BIG.

Education Assistance – To learn more and earn

One of the most attractive benefits that the US Army offers is generous, monetary assistance for higher education. Given today’s astronomical costs of higher college education, you can expect the US Army to cover a major percentage of these costs. The better educated you are, the more chances you’ll have for promotions, AND the extra money and perks which come with it.

What’s more, while in active-duty service or after, you can also receive equally generous monetary assistance for college or higher education under the Montgomery GI Bill still in force.  

Housing Allowances – To live happy and well

If you live on base, the US Army will provide you with comfortable housing units for free. Alternatively, if you choose live outside base, the army will provide you with attractive, housing allowances under the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) scheme. What’s more, depending on your rank and where you choose to stay, the US Army will also offer you useful allowances under their Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) scheme.

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