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The Army Needs MPs. You CAN be one.

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Perhaps, you’ve seen them in war movies with the letters “MP” proudly emblazoned on the band around their arms, or maybe you’ve seen them in real life. These are the brave Military Police (MPs) employed by the US Military, the US Army in particular … and the multiple roles they play seldom get the attention they rightfully deserve.

So, if you looking for a job that offers action, challenges, and all the attractive, standard benefits that military personnel are eligible to, perhaps, it’s a good idea to consider enlisting with the US Army to receive training as an MP.

Multiple roles MPs play

Although unknown to many, MPs perform multiple roles. These include criminal investigation; fingerprinting; interrogation of suspects; submission of evidence and testimonies in court; on-base law enforcement; riot control; search and rescue; provision of security for transport; traffic control; and a lot more. As an MP you can specialize in carrying out such tasks through free, intensive training programs offered by the US Army.

Multiple benefits MPs earn

MPs are treated with as much importance by the US Army as all other personnel on the force. Therefore as an MP, you AND your family can expect to receive some valuable benefits. These include attractive pay; free on-base training; free army housing; free utilities; excellent food; comprehensive healthcare; paid leave; great retirement plans; and a host of on-base, civilian-type amenities for an active, enjoyable lifestyle.

Multiple jobs after service

Given the intensive training, and multiple skills you acquire during your term as MP, you can expect to find lucrative jobs in the private sector after your term of duty. As such, you’ll find paying jobs offered by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as those involving airport, industrial and commercial security, among several others.


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