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Protect and Serve With The Army MPsSociety always needs law enforcement officers and today’s world is a hotbed of activity that requires both military and civilian police to be on the ball. Increased stressors lead to higher crime rates—and a population that needs to be protected.

As a military police officer, or MP, not only will you complete your military training, you’ll also receive comprehensive training in law enforcement. MPs are respected on posts worldwide, and individuals who serve as military police are highly sought after for jobs as civilian cops when they complete their military service.

Enforcing The Letter Of The Law

The UCMJ, or Uniform Code of Military Justice, is the guiding force for military police. The military not only enforces state and federal laws, but soldiers are held to a higher standard and the MPs ensure that those rules are enforced. But enforcing those laws is a broad spectrum of missions for the Army’s military police. You may find yourself handling criminal investigations, working police intelligence operations or coordinating combat route reconnaissance. In the Army, you could be assigned to a K-9 unit, or even training the animals who aid in investigations. There’s nothing routine about a job with the Army MPs. Every day can be adventure whether you find yourself on the front lines providing security or assisting in crisis management after a natural disaster. There will always be emergencies—and there will always be Army military police trained and ready to handle any crisis.

Army MPs – Trained For Anything

There are certain basics that every Army MP learns. You’ll learn how to control a crowd, secure an area, as well as manage and protect supplies. Because there’s no room for error, you’ll be trained in the proper procedures for investigation, restraint and search. Army military police are skilled in takedowns and hand-to-hand combat. Every MP is also a marksman. Different real-world scenarios will lead you around the globe and you’ll need to know how to handle the appropriate weapon for the situation. You’ll be trained on the M9, the 12-gauge shotgun, the 9 mm pistol, the M4 Carbine and the m203 grenade launcher. If you are a team leader, you’ll also learn how to handle the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).

Beyond the basics, there are many opportunities to specialize if you train to be an Army MP. Just like their civilian counterparts, military police also handle things like forensics and managing secret documents. The Army will give you all of the training that you need to effectively serve and protect your country and the people in it.

Serving As A Soldier

As an Army MP, you’ll know that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Not only are you protecting people and property but you’re serving your country, too. As a member of the United States Army, you’ll have job security and the benefits that come with a military career. Your family will have housing, full health benefits and a strong retirement package. Special Army medical facilities, shopping and entertainment options are all part of living on or near a post. As a soldier, you’ll have the chance to see the world.

Should you decide that you don’t want to make a career out of the Army, the skills that you learn will transfer to law enforcement organizations anywhere. Along with that training, you’ll also take with you the confidence of knowing that you’re prepared for whatever the world has to offer.

If you’d like to explore a career as an MP, you can find out more about the United States Army by clicking HERE.

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