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The Army Reserve Plays Multiple Roles Too

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One notable and commendable point about US Army Reserve members is their continuing commitment to serve the country for long periods of time, even after successful completion of their respective terms of active-duty service. It is this exemplary, commitment that should inspire people like you to put country before self, at all times.

The gallant men and women of the US Army Reserve perform multiple roles after completion of their active-duty terms, the important ones of which are outlined below.


Homeland Security

Keeping the country safe within

Army Reserve members are in a continuous state of readiness, and are therefore swiftly able to fill in the void, if and when active-duty soldiers are deployed abroad in times of crisis, or war. Additionally, in the event of natural or manmade disasters, Army Reservists perform search and rescue operations, closely support humanitarian missions, and provide swift relief to those affected.

Information Technology

Keeping key systems operational

Safety and consistent operational performance of the military’s information technology and other technologically-advanced, communications systems are critical to its efficiency, and the country’s national defense. This is where the skills of experienced Army Reservists come into play. Network Administrators and IT specialists of the Army Reserve carry out regular processing, maintenance and trouble shooting tasks involving key communications and IT systems of the military.


Keeping supply lines streamlined

Keeping transport and supply lines up and running at all times is another important role carried out by Army Reservists. In peacetime and wartime, ‘transportation coordination managers’ and ‘motor transportation operators’ of the Army Reserve assist in ferrying troops, equipment and supplies anywhere in the world, when and where required.  

Medical Services

Keeping personnel in good health

Army Reservists have the edge in providing professional medical services to military personnel as they have the added benefit of further skills acquired in civilian life. This is why a majority of personnel working in land-based army hospitals, triage centers, clinics, and field medical care facilities, are Army Reservists.

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