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The Army Has Open Doors For Civilian Skills

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When searching for good jobs in the private sector, chances are, you won’t find too many doors open to you. Of course, if you take a look at today’s dismal, unemployment figures, you’ll know just why qualified, new job seekers, and the many made redundant by recession, are searching hard to find civilian employers who could open a door to lucrative jobs and utilize their skills.

Well, if you’re still looking for that “door” … you’ll find one left wide open by none other than the US Army. Being the largest branch of the US Military, the army offers an unlimited number of ‘full’ and ‘part-time’ jobs and career paths to match just about every civilian skill there is.

So, if you possess the skills and experience in a particular discipline, the US Army will have a job that fits.

Are you good in administration?

If you possess appreciable administrative and organizational skills, all areas of the army’s enormous range and variety of ground support services have openings to match those skills. As such, you’ll find jobs in general office administration; accounts and finance; storekeeping; purchase and material supply; human resources; and a lot more.  

Are you an expert in computers?

The US Army has technologically-advanced computer, IT, communications, navigation, and several other systems that need to be well maintained and operational at all times. Given the variety and nature of such systems, the army offers such career fields and jobs as radio operations, imagery and intelligence analysis, network switching systems operations, linguist cryptology and many more.

Are you a multi-lingual speaker?

If you are able to read, write and speak any foreign language other than English that the army considers much-wanted for a particular area of work within the institution, or an area where the army is deployed (e.g. Afghanistan; Iraq, the Middle East) … the Army will not only grab you, but pay you extremely well, too.

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