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Compelling Reasons Why The Army Is Choice # 1

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Over the past year, the US Army has witnessed a marked increased in recruitment numbers and, much to the delight of people that matter in the Pentagon and Department of Defense, statistics on current recruitment numbers suggest that this trend appears to be continuing.

Reasons why people join the army

One needn’t hazard a guess WHY a growing number of people are turning to the US Army for jobs or to build rewarding army careers, because the reasons are clear, compelling, and too many to describe here. However, below are a few worth mentioning:

–         Opportunity to serve the country with pride and honor.

–         Dearth of jobs in the private sector owing to snail-paced economic recovery from recession.

–         Desire for a more challenging and action-packed job and work environment.

–         Acquire high-value, technical skills for a lucrative career in post-army, civilian life.

–         Increased enlistment age limit from 34 to 42

–         Army paychecks, benefits, sign-up bonuses, training programs, and travel opportunities.

Although new recruits will attribute their decision for enlistment to one or more, or all the above reasons, the last one was found to be one of the most compelling reasons to most.

One of the most important reasons

As army jobs are full backed by the Dept. of Defense, army paychecks and benefits are completely insulated from recession. So, you can rest assured you’ll receive the pay and benefits you’re owed, ON time … EVERY time. And talking of benefits, you’ll receive free on-base housing; palatable food; professional healthcare; high-value enlistment bonuses; generous financial aid for education; 30-day paid vacations; valuable retirement plans; and a lot more.

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