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The US Army has its own enlistment process that’s far different than what you’d experience when applying for a civilian job. It is one way the army ensures they have the right candidates, and which ultimately makes it the much respected and highly potent fighting force it is.

Here is a brief outline of the sequential steps/process for enlistment in the US Army, until graduation as a formal army soldier.

Step One

Consult a recruiter

This is NOT part of the actual enlistment process, but an important first step you’ll need to take. An authorized US Army recruiter will be an important and reliable source for comprehensive, information on all aspects of the enlistment process, as well as the life you can expect in the army.

Step Two

Meet basic requirements

Successful enlistment requires that you meet some basic requirements that specify that you need to be a bona fide US citizen, or have permanent resident alien’ status; fall within the 17 to 41-year age group; posses a High School Diploma, or equivalent; be of sound moral character; enjoy robust physical and mental health; and be free of any harmful addictions or habits.

Step Three

Undergo extensive tests

To determine whether or not you have the qualities to be a successful soldier of the US Army, you will be required to pass an ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) – a multi-discipline, aptitude test which will enable you to choose the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) job of your choice; You will also be required to pass a series of comprehensive medical and physical tests at a MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station).

On successful completion of this stage of enlistment, you’ll take an oath to serve the US Army, while signing your enlistment contract. When this is done, you’ll be shipped out for an approximately, 9-week basic (boot camp) training program. After graduating here, you’ll then be required to attend AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in the MOS field chosen.

Step Four

Formal induction

After all the above steps have been successfully completed, you will be formally inducted as a full-fledged, active-duty soldier of the US Army. Of course, you will be required to agree to a minimum of 3 years of active-duty service, before you are formally inducted.

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