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If your search for the ideal career or job has taken the wind out of your sails, change course in the right direction … head for the US Army. Whether you are aware or not, unlike most companies in the private sector, the US Army is one of the safest options to build a bright, fruitful career, one that is fully insulated from the ill-effects of recession.

So, BEFORE you proceed to join, learn WHY the US Army is a GOOD option in a BAD economy. Here are a few good reasons.

Army jobs have iron-clad guarantees

Unlike most jobs in the private sector, army jobs have iron-clad, guarantees as they are fully backed by the Department of Defense and the Federal Government of the US. As a result, you can be sure your paychecks will remain unaffected and be paid on time, as will ALL the benefits you are eligible to receive.

Isn’t this better than rampant pay cuts or layoffs in a bad economy?  

Army jobs are unlimited in number

The US Army is the largest of all US Military branches by sheer force of enlisted and reserve-duty numbers. Moreover, given its mega size, global presence, and reach, it is but natural to expect the US Army to have an unlimited number of administrative, technical, and combat-related jobs available at all times, in addition to a myriad of other ground support jobs.

Could you expect similar employment potential in a bad economy?

Army jobs offer far more benefits

IN addition to providing you with exceptional administrative, technical, organizational, leadership, motivational, and other high-value skills, the US Army also offers you a package of recession-proof benefits that most private sector companies may struggle to match. In the US Army you’ll be entitled to free on-base housing, food, healthcare and utilities; access to all civilian-type recreational and other facilities and services; attractive enlistment bonuses and special pay; substantial monetary assistance for a college education; timely retirement plans, and a lot more.

Could you really expect such benefits in a bad economy?

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