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The US Army’s formidable ‘Green Berets’ are recognized, respected and feared by opponents of every shade and color around the world. Their fearsome reputation as “the ultimate fighting force” has been earned through a long history of valor, sacrifice and victory, during some of the fiercest battles and major wars the world has ever seen.

So, what makes these men of steel the lean, mean fighting machine they are? What would it take to become one of them? Here are 2 factors that are central to the making of Green Berets.

Green Berets have enduranceIncomparable Basic Training

Army Green Berets undergo – what is unanimously believed by military and army experts – the most rigorous of training programs, when compared to those that all other regular military or army combat soldiers attend.

From swimming in ice-cold water, to long heavily-weighted down walks and runs, from being sleep-deprived for long stretches of time, to learning brutal survival techniques, the Green Berets does them all.

Green Berets are multi-skilledDiverse training programs

Army Green Berets also enjoy the distinction of having the highest number of diverse skills training programs in the US Military. These programs are comprehensive in nature, and help Green Berets to perform precisely, efficiently, and with deadly force during covert combat missions when called upon to do so.

Some of the most critical skills members of this elite force acquire, include – hand-to-hand combat; foreign languages; intelligence; ordnance demolition and disposal; underwater swimming; canoeing; weapons handling and maintenance; rappelling; parachuting; yachting; and search and rescue under such harsh climatic conditions/locations as built up urban areas and inner cities, deserts, dense jungles, hilly and mountainous terrain, swamps, and water/snow-bound areas.

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