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One needn’t hazard a guess as to WHAT or WHO powers the US Army, and makes it the most powerful combat machines of its kind on the planet. That’s because the answers are evident in the title of this article itself.

In terms of enlisted, active-duty and Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) numbers, the US Army is the largest branch of the US Military, and although few people may know, the army has different categories of soldiers who combine to make it the powerful, efficient fighting force it is. The following are the brave men and women who man the different categories of personnel in the army.

Soldiers Who Train – Warrant Officers

These are exceptionally talented and experienced trainers who specialize in ONE specific field. Warrant Officers use their extensive experience to impart the skills and knowledge gained in their specialty to new recruits, army commanders, and members of other ranks who have also chosen to specialize in the same field.  

Soldiers Who Lead – Commissioned Officers

These are true leaders who lead their men from the front, even on the most dangerous missions. Commissioned Officers design meticulous, combat mission plans and strategies; are able to adapt swiftly to sudden changes in combat environments; are extremely good decision makers; and are also inspirational role models to their juniors whom they treat with respect, at all times.

Soldiers Who Follow – Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted soldiers form the bulk of the US Army. They attend rigorous training programs, and being brave and highly motivated, willingly follow their commanding officers and seniors, during the most dangerous combat missions. Enlisted personnel honor and respect the army’s chain-of-command protocol, and will obediently follow the orders of their seniors, every time.

Soldiers Who Serve – Active-duty Personnel

Active-duty personnel serve the army “full-time”, with terms of duty between 2 and 6 years. In peacetime, such soldiers carry out a variety of routine, daily duties and chores, in parallel with regular army training. On-base, Active-duty soldiers enjoy most of the leisure, entertainment, and recreational activities that their civilian counterparts do.  

Soldiers Who Wait – Reserve-duty Personnel

Reserve-duty personnel serve the army “part-time”, with terms of duty between 1 and 6 years. While not in service, Reserve-duty personnel continue with their civilian life and jobs. They are required to train just one weekend a month, and attend a 2-week FTX (Field Training Exercise) once a year.

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