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In an economy where many are worried about job security, soldiers in the United States Army can count on their next paycheck. As many sectors of our economy are downsizing the Army is in growth mode, building forces to defend the United States of America, and they need more men and women to join their ranks. As a soldier in the Army, not only can you count on a steady income, but you’ll also receive the other benefits that come along with serving your country like housing, health care and a solid retirement plan.

Welding is a high demand field for the United States Army. It takes men and women with expertise to construct and repair tanks, airplanes, helicopters and other critical pieces of gear. If you’re already a welder or if you’re interested in being trained in welding courtesy of the United States government, a welding career in the Army may be for you. You’ll be in a career with highly transferable skills, physically fit, financially sound and in a position that earns you respect. If you’re mechanically inclined you may be just the person the Army is looking for.

Underwater Welders Are In High Demand

Underwater welders? You bet. It may not be a career that you’ve considered, but it’s a position the Army needs to fill. Enlist in the Army and you’ll first go through 9 weeks of basic training. Here, you’ll be prepared mental and physically for the position that awaits you as a United States soldier—all the while earning a paycheck. Following this training, you’ll attend 36 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, or AIT.

Your AIT begins with three weeks of intensive diving instruction held in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. You’ll concentrate on academics as well as fitness and training in the pool. After you complete this phase, it’s on to Panama City, Florida and the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center. This 26-week curriculum is your Common Engineering Training that will include intensive study. Not only do you learn how to DO the job, but also HOW it works—the physics of underwater work, demolitions, recompression chamber maintenance and operation, operating welding tools underwater, basic ship salvage, underwater evacuation and much more. These skills will serve you well as a soldier, but will also put you in high demand in the civilian world.

Allied Trades Technicians Learn More Than Technical Skills

If you see yourself as a leader, you may have a future as an Allied Trade Technician. In this position, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of an Army machine shop. You’ll maintain wheeled and tracked equipment as well as provide quality control for your shop. You’ll learn the ins and outs of vehicle fabrication, repair, painting and glass. Training will make you adept in mechanics, mathematics and organization.

Allied Trade Technicians are in a position of leadership and authority — motivating and guiding troops. Not only will your hands-on skills be honed, you’ll also be a trained manager when you leave the Army.

So Much More Than A Job

Becoming a welder in the United States Army gives you a skill set that is undeniably transferable to the private sector in careers like off shore drilling, shipping and transportation. But, as a soldier you’ll come to realize there’s so much more than just your area of expertise. Soldiers in the United States Army experience camaraderie like none other. Men and women of the U.S. Army know they have job security and benefits for themselves and their families. Housing, medical coverage and a retirement plan are all part of the deal. Add to this the opportunity to further your education, special facilities for shopping and working out and a safe community for your family. Some soldiers even receive a signing bonus when they join the Army — and when they reenlist.

If a career in the Army sounds like something that may interest you, click HERE for more information.

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