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A significant number of women are employed in various ground support areas of the army’s domestic and international operations, and even in combat-related positions. However, because the US Army selects only the best of the best men and women candidates for enlistment, all female aspirants wishing to join it must pass ALL relevant tests at MEPS – Military Entrance Processing Station.

If you are a female with passion to serve the US Army AND your country, here’s what you need to know about MEPS.

Where you’ll stay

Twin-sharing, overnight accommodation, with or without meals, is provided free for female MEPS applicants. Telephone calls and other personal expenses will be borne by you.

Things you’ll need

You’ll need to bring your birth certificate; driver’s license; social security card; school/college certificates; and smart, comfortable clothing and underwear suited to weather conditions where the MEPS is located.

What not to bring

MEPS means business and isn’t a party venue. So, refrain from carrying items such as – jewelry and other valuables; expensive wrist watches; portable music players and headphones; and excess cash.

Tests you’ll undergo

At MEPS, you’ll undergo comprehensive medical and physical tests to determine whether or not you’ll be medically fit for army service. However, BEFORE you do so, request a ‘medical technician’ for help in completing the personal ‘medical questionnaire’.

Another extremely important test, you’ll require to pass with good scores, is the ASVAB- Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – a multiple-discipline, test that will reveal which MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) job will be ideal for you.

Final signup and oath

On successful completion of your medical, physical and ASVAB tests, a service liaison counselor will advise you on all aspects of the enlistment contract that you will be required to sign.

Once you have the necessary information, you will then attend a final interview; receive pre-enlistment briefing; and be finger-printed for the FBI database/clearance.

This will be followed by a simple ceremony, during which you will sign the enlistment contract, and take “the oath”- swearing allegiance to the US Army and to your country.

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