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The Army is no longer simply soldiers getting ready for combat. Today’s Army is a global city all its own and it requires the expertise of every type of professional. From Accountants to Zoologists, the Army is prepared to provide you with career training and an excellent benefits package at a time when other career paths are faltering and failing altogether.

Get Behind An Army Desk

The Army’s list of desk jobs has never been longer. Administrators, computer and IT specialists, financial experts, city planners, engineers and teachers are all being sought by the Army to join ranks and enjoy the benefits of a solid career in the Army.

Hands On Skills Are In Demand

If you are handy with tools, the Army has a world of opportunity. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, cooks, nurses, artists, and musicians are all Army professions that will never see combat, but that can earn you a steady paycheck with outstanding benefits.

Military Benefits

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As established companies are failing, the Army is growing. In order to attract the very best for each job, the Army is prepared to offer a good salary, full medical and dental benefits, free housing, a food and clothing allowance, military shopping privileges, free and discounted world travel, discounted insurance and access to countless other military benefits.

In addition to continuing education and tuition reimbursement, the Army offers a sense of community and purpose that few other careers can. You will be able to participate is rescue missions, community events and parades and provide your family with a close-knit community with some of the best schools in the world.

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