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No, really? Do you enjoy working with animals? Is your current career taking you nowhere? The U.S. Army has an excellent solution for your particular situation. Obviously, not everyone can train dogs and horses to perform the tasks needed by people. It takes a special breed. Working with animals requires patience, knowledge and vision. If you possess those qualities, the U.S. Army can provide you with the training necessary to develop a career as an animal handler, a veterinarian, a livestock manager or a cavalry rider.

Careers With Canines

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but they are also amazing service animals, crime prevention partners, security specialists and medical marvels. Your Army career as a dog handler may take you to search out drugs at a Customs inspection station, track down a missing child, help in the diagnosis of cancer, aid the blind or eliminate the threat of terrorism by sniffing out bombs before anyone can be harmed. Your Army career as a dog handler will train you to train them. Army dogs and their handlers are known around the world for protecting the innocent against the criminal sector.

Giddy-Up And Set Some Goals

Horses may not be used as much as they once were, having been replaced by the automobile, but they are still an important aspect of military life. Parades, funerals, and important military ceremonies would not be the same without these magnificent creatures participating. You can develop an Army career that allows you to work with these gentle giants.

Veterinarian To Veteran

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Many people are surprised to learn that the Army will pay for veterinary school. While many potential veterinarians can never dream of affording vet school, you can become a licensed vet through the Army. Once you have completed your Army career, you will enjoy the ongoing benefits that come with an Army career, including an excellent retirement benefits.

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