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Every group of people has rules, regulations and laws that help to ease confrontations and resolve conflicts. Without the rule of law, the innocent would suffer and criminals would destroy everything humankind has worked to create. You can develop a career as a Military Police (MP) officer with the U.S. Army.

Doing The Right Thing

As companies fail in the midst of the current economic crisis, crime is on the increase. Normally honest individuals are driven to steal and compelled to act violently as they lash out in frustration. Your efforts as a member of law enforcement will help honest people remain that way and prevent theft and violence across the board.

Military Training In Law Enforcement

There isn’t a city, town or metropolitan area that wouldn’t be thrilled to hire a law enforcement officer trained by the Army. Your Army MP training includes crowd control, security measures, investigative procedures, weapons use, jurisdictional law, and hand-to-hand combat. You can also specialize in intelligence gathering and protection, guarding heads of state, and even forensics.

Community, Care And Cash

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Your career in the Army as an MP means you and your family will enjoy living in a strong, family-oriented community with movie theaters, fitness and sports facilities and some of the best schools in the world. You will also participate in rescue missions, drug prevention programs and other community events that benefit everyone. In exchange for your commitment and expertise, the Army will provide you with free housing, full medical and dental benefits, a competitive salary and continuing education and promotion opportunities.

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