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Getting The Most Out Of The First Four Weeks Of Army Boot Camp

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Army Boot Camp isn’t just about sit-ups and yelling. In Army Boot Camp, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself, to work as the member of a team, and to build a lifelong career dedicated to freedom, professional expertise and personal excellence. You will push yourself both physically and mentally as you develop knowledge, gain skills and build character.

Get In Shape Ahead Of Time

You can make your first four weeks of Army Boot Camp far more productive and comfortable if you get yourself into good physical shape ahead of time. Running, hiking and power walking will all help develop your cardiovascular system and your stamina. Calisthenics every other day will help you to build the strength needed to thrive in Army Boot Camp. Don’t wait until the last minute. Getting in good shape takes time.

Get Your Head Right

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As an Army soldier, you will have to follow orders and think like a team member. Put aside any childish pettiness or delusions of grandeur before reaching Army Boot Camp. Holding on to bad attitude and unrealistic expectations will only frustrate you and make you look foolish. Army Boot Camp is what separates the children from the adults. Be prepared to work hard toward common goals. It is no longer all about you. It is about supporting your team and serving your nation. It is about protecting freedom and rescuing those in need. It is about Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity and Courage, also known as the Army Core Values.

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