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Do you feel like Hermey this Misfit Elf, from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, in your current career? Do you dread going to your current job, secretly wishing you could afford to go to dental school? Well, now you can. The U.S. Army is prepared to help pay for dental school and will cover your living expenses while you attend classes.

You get the added benefit of not having to build a medical practice to use your skills as a dentist. The Army provides full medical and dental care to all Army personnel and to do so, they need qualified dentists. You can go to school, earn a salary and receive Army benefits, all at the same time.

Licensed Dentists See The World For Free

Currently licensed dentists can take their careers to a whole new level by joining the Army. You can provide dental care to victims of natural disasters and to communities who have never been taught the importance of dental hygiene. You can provide dental care to the Army service men and women around the world. You can also receive continuing education through the Army to help you develop your area of specialization.

Healthy Paycheck, Solid Lifestyle

You are just a click away from more information about joining the United States Army.

The Army provides you with a competitive salary without all the office politics and capital outlay of opening and running your own practice. You also receive full medical and dental benefits, free housing, 30 days paid vacation each year, military shopping privileges, free world travel and many other military benefits, such as guaranteed low interest home loans and discounted insurance.

You and your family can enjoy living in family-friendly communities around the globe where your children can attend some of the best schools in the world and be surrounding with positive role models, all while you develop your skills and expertise as a dentist.

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