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Too many career paths lead nowhere. Jobs easily acquired coming out of high school rarely lead to promotions or salary increases. Today’s economic difficulties make finding that ideal job even more difficult. Many jobs require college educations that many simply cannot afford. If you could choose any career path at all, which one would you select?

Design, Build And Create Your Career

There are Army career options that allow you to create your dreams. You can engineer new machinery, build buildings, and design new concepts that make things work better than they are. You can organize programs, lead professionals and make a difference in the world with the Army. The only thing that has been stopping you is your lack of training.

Use Your Artistic Skills For A Living

Photo journalism, graphic arts, performance, music and entertainment careers are all exciting, but they can be difficult to break into, unless you know someone who knows someone in the industry. You know you have the aptitude, the interest and the talent, but you see no way to get started earning a living doing what you love, unless you join the Army.

Computer Careers Are Everywhere

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You cannot get a computer or IT career going without the proper training. Your dead end job doesn’t pay you enough to go to college or vocational school. On the other hand, the Army can provide you with the skills and the opportunities to build your computer and IT career.

Let The Army Pay Your Bills

The U.S. Army needs practically every skill known to man and they are willing to pay for your training and education. Whether you want to work behind a desk, train dogs, go to medical school or draw illustrations, you can earn a paycheck and receive free housing, full medical and dental benefits, 30 days paid vacation each year and enjoy free world travel and military shopping privileges, among countless other benefits, all as the Army provides you with the skills you need to build a career you can be proud of.

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