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Once you commit yourself to a career with the U.S. Army, it is to your advantage to prepare for Army Boot Camp before you arrive. Army Boot Camp is both mentally and physically challenging. You will be yelled at, pushed to your limits and then pushed even harder. Getting into good physical and mental shape ahead of time can make the difference between surviving and thriving in Army Boot Camp.

Get The Lead Out

Start running and don’t stop. Run every day and push yourself beyond your self-imposed limits. If you don’t, you can be sure that your Drill Instructors will. Running regularly will help you develop the strength and stamina you will need for the physical demands of Army Boot Camp. Create a fitness regime that will have you physically prepared so that you can focus your energies on learning the lessons of Army Boot Camp, rather than suffering unnecessarily with muscle aches and ragged breath.

Understand What’s Coming

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One of the things you must learn in Army Boot Camp is to handle difficulties, challenges and impossible odds. You will be yelled at, insulted, and criticized to break down your defenses and bad habits, making room for better thought processes and an improved team spirit. You are never an individual in Army Boot Camp. You are the member of a team that must succeed together or not at all. Put your excuses and your petty protests aside; they are a waste of breath that you cannot afford.

Entering Army Boot Camp with the right mental and physical starting points will allow you to achieve far more in Army Boot Camp.

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