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Economic Crisis Or Career Opportunity?

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The current world economic crisis may or may not be resolved in the near future. Job opportunities are disappearing faster than ice cream in July and established companies are closing their doors at an unprecedented rate. Even experienced employees are losing their benefits, their incomes and their homes.

Fierce Competition Or Fair Compensation?

Will you struggle and battle against established and experienced employees for a shrinking number of job opportunities or will you allow the U.S. Army to pay for your training and education as you collect a competitive salary and earn excellent benefits? As civilian companies shut their doors, the Army is expanding and building new career opportunities.

A World Of Its Own

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The U.S. Army is very much a global city all its own. Every type of job skill is needed to keep the Army running smoothly. Doctors, dentists, teachers, cooks, mechanics, carpenters, linguists, pilots, painters, writers, musicians, computer programmers and everything else imaginable is needed by the Army.

To ensure that all Army personnel are highly skilled and motivated, the Army is prepared to pay you to gain highly useful skills. The Army offers some of the best benefits available, including free housing, food and clothing, full medical and dental benefits, continuing education opportunities, military shopping privileges, and much, much more, just to ensure that they have the highest qualified personnel for every Army job.

As others struggle to make ends meet, you can let the Army pay for your career training, world travel and benefit, all as you gain life experiences you cannot get any other way.

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